Loan Modification

Our firm will request that the investor or insurer approve the capitalization of delinquent interest, escrow shortgage, and legal fees. If you qualify, our firm will work towards ensuring your interest rate is reduced and/or there is an extension of the term of your loan. We have been sucessful in reducing the princiapal balance by up to $180,000.00.

SHORT REFINANCE : Some Lenders will allow borrowers to complete a short refinance. A short refinance allws the borrower to refinance the mortgage property to a new affordable loan, at a loan amount less than the current loan balance owed. The lenders consider the fair market value(FMV) of the property and loans at a percentage of the FMV. Your credit and income have to be satisfactory for this to be a practical option.

SHORT SALE: If your loan balance is higher than your property value, the investor/and or insurer may accept a reduced amount towards satisfaction of debt upon the sale of the mortgage property to a third party. Our firm assists our clients with the process of completing the short sale. The benefit to the lender is the ability to dispose of the mortgaged property without the costs and expenses of the foreclosure process and without the costs and expenses of the marketing and selling of the property. The benefit to the borrower includes the ptentail to avoid a judement.

DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE: If you have been unsuccessful in your efforts to sell your home, the investor and/or insurer may consider accepting a deed to your property in lieu of foreclosure. Our firm assists our clients with the process of completing the deed in lieu of foreclosure. the Deed In- Lieu of foreclosure permits the lender to gain ownership and possession of the property quickly and at a lower cost than obtaining the same property through foreclosure. The borrower is able to avoid a foreclosure.

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